Tenderwood is a new survival server that started August 14th 2019.  We aim to keep the vanilla flavor with a bit of extras for ease of life and enjoyment.  So you will find this is a very simple and easy going server.  Tenderwood is an open to the public server, no whitelisting.  Come join us.






  • Difficulty:  Hard


  • Starting Kit:  You will start with a simple kit to get you out and on your way. Spawn may be safe but once you step into the world you'll be fighting to survive.


  • GriefPrevention:  Will allow you to claim an area to protect from any would be griefer.


  • World Border:  A very large world border that contains every biome within it. 12,000 x 12,000 from the spawn point.


  • Sleep voting:  Only 55% of players online need to sleep for night to get skipped. Yes phantoms are still enabled!


  • MobHunting:  Earn a few bonus rewards and hunt and gather the heads of every mob to collect or trade.


  • Teleporting:  Quickly teleport to your friends, other players, or back home.


  • Tree Chop:  Don't waste time collecting wood for your build, cut them down quickly or you can toggle this function if you do not like it.


  • Chairs:  Sit back and enjoy the view of your creations in comfort.


  • Discord:  Keep in touch with everyone outside of the game and stay updated.


  • Web Store:  We have a store for donations and things like VIP rank. No purchases are required to enjoy our server! VIP ranks are not some overpowered rank here, we aim to keep things fair. Thus VIP is mainly visual perks like colored chat, prefix, particle trails, etc... Just a bonus for those who help keep the server running.


  • Hosted Server:  We use a host for our server, this isn't a home ran machine. Server is located in Texas.


  • PaperMC:  While a hosted server is a step in the right direction, a server needs to be optimized to keep things running smooth. We use Paper to help with this.

Default Rank:
This is the standard rank.

Donor Rank:
Any purchase or donation no matter how big or small in our store, will get you promoted to this rank.
- Inherits default rank
- Permanent colored chat
- Ability to use chat color & format codes
- Change your nickname, color & format allowed

VIP Rank:
- Inherits default rank
- Ability to use chat color & format codes
- Change your nickname, color & format allowed
- [VIP] Prefix
- Permanent colored chat
- Access to particle wings
- Access to particle trails & effects
- 3 /sethome's
- Your own head to collect or trade with others
- Returns to donor rank after expiring

  • Be respectful.

  • Keep chat civil, watch your language. (Cursing, slurs, etc...)

  • No cheats, hacks, use of exploits, or mods that give an unfair advantage. (Minimap is acceptable)

  • Do not grief, steal, or scam.

  • No automatic redstone systems.

  • Don't build on top of others or too close to spawn.

  • Keep farms small.

  • Use common sense.

Breaking these rules will result in punishment!

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